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a plan + art = design

You truly do not realize the amount of work you do in a few years’ time until you sit down and look through it all! I’ve recently been updating my portfolio, looking back and reminiscing, and seeing how I’ve grown as a designer and as a person. -59 issues of Numéro magazine -The Art of […]

good design can make a difference

Volunteering your design skills is an important part of staying grounded as a designer, everyone deserves quality design whether they can afford it or not. Here is a list of pro bono projects that I have been involved in. – Materials for In Her Cherished Heart Catholic Women’s Conference – Ads for Women’s Care Center […]

from pencil to page

Many ideas start out as a sketch, there is just something about creating something while getting your hands dirty. Here is a list of media that I have experience working with. It’s a treat to have the chance to build illustrations for various publications, I’ve even designed someone’s tattoo! -Graphite -Watercolor -Acrylic Paint -Oil Paints […]